Engineering Drawing

Engineering Drawing (ME - 101)


An Engineering drawing is a type of technical drawing that is used to convey information about an object. A common use is to specify the geometry necessary for the construction of a component and is called a detail drawing.

Mini drafter is an instrument which can be used for multiple functions in drawing. … Mini drafter is used for drawing horizontal lines, vertical lines, inclined lines, angles, parallel lines, perpendicular lines etc.

Tools such as pens and pencils mark the drawing medium. Other tools such as straight edges, assist the operator in drawing straight lines. Various scales and the protractor are used to measure the lengths of lines and angles, allowing accurate scale drawing to be carried out.

Drawing output will always show you the communication between thought and reality to complete the task.


  1. Introduction to engineering drawing
  2. Curves used in engineering practice and their constructions
  3. Orthographic projection in first angle projection only
  4. Projections of planes and solids
  5. Development of surfaces
  6. Isometric projections
  7. Transformation of projections

Eligibility for admission

  • 10th Pass out
  • 12th Pass out
  • ITI Student

Duration of Course

  • Total Hour’s :- 80 Hr. i.e. Daily 2 Hours lecture
  • Total Sunday’s :- 10 Nos  i.e. 6 Hours per Sunday lecture


  • Hard Copy with Lamination


• Factories act 1948.
• Industrial employment act 1946
• Contract labour act 1970
• Payment of wages act 1936
• Payment of gratuity act 1972
• Workmen’s compensation act 1923
• Maharashtra labour welfare funds act.
• Employs State Insurance Act 1948
• Minimum Wages Act.
• Profession Tax.
• Employees PF & Miscellaneous provisions
Act 1952
• Payment of bonus Act 1965
• Maternity Benefit Act 1961
• Any other Compliance Required By Your